How to train your Designer: Why Domain Knowledge is Half the Battle

Nina Dang

Lightning talk - in English

Stack traces, transaction tracking, synthetic tests...wait, what?! These are just a handful of concepts I'd encountered on my first day as a User Experience Designer at IBM, having come in with no knowledge of the IT and DevOps industry. Designing a product for developers has led me on a quest with jargon and complexity around every corner. 

How can a designer, with limited domain knowledge, design a product for skilled technical users to do their jobs better? In this lightning talk, I'll discuss how there is indeed a way (spoiler alert: we need you!). 

You'll learn:

  • How often, how much, and why you should build up domain expertise in your designers
  • Ways to teach and communicate knowledge in their language
  • Taking creative advantage of not understanding something fully
  • The most critical resources to give designers to accelerate their learning
  • How to make domain learning sustainable and self-driven