Server provisioning using Ansible, Packer and Terraform

Marcus Ahnve

Half-day workshop - in English

We will start of by discussing the role of server setup and automation in relation to cloud and SAAS services, and how to avoid lock in. With this a background, we will very practically run through settting up servers for a small self served web application, using Ansible, Packer and Terraform.

The workshop will target DigitalOcean as the cloud server provider, but the same principles can easily be used on AWS and others. The server OS used will be Debian.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: Laptop with ansible, terraform and packer preinstalled. People with Windows need to check beforehand that stuff works - we will setup Debian on the servers. I will run the workshop using DigitalOcean as a server provider, and if attendants want to follow along they will need an account with Digital Ocean. Please have Digital Ocean SSH keys setup prior to the workshop - this can be done from the DO web gui. It is possible to follow along using an account with another cloud provider supported by Terraform, but the attendant will need to be familiar with that environment.