Getting started with Elm and typed functional programming

Ingar Almklov

Erik Wendel

Half-day workshop - in English

Elm is a typed, functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It's famous for ensuring robust applications, and Elms wildly developer friendly compiler helps developers write elegant, long-lived and safe frontend code. It has recently started drawing widespread attention and is starting to position itself as something other compile-to-js languages hasn't achieved yet - a viable alternative to JavaScript.

Elm utilizes a React-like rendering system, using a tree of pure view functions, while structuring its app using the so-called Redux architecture (which Redux actually borrowed from Elm in the first place). All data is immutable, of course, and the language supports fancy features such as algebraic data types, pattern matching and type inference.

Did this pique your interest? We're the organizers of the Oslo Elm Meetup group are we're bringing our workshop material to Bergen to get you started with Elm. This includes a thorough explanation of syntax and semantics with comparison to JavaScript. The workshop also serves as a introduction to ML-style typed functional programming, and after this workshop you'll be able to judge for yourself whether a language like Elm could ever replace JavaScript as our go-to tool for large-scale web development.


Bring your own laptop with Elm 0.18 ( and Elm-format ( installed.


Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Bring your own laptop with Elm 0.18 ( and Elm-format ( installed.