Learn you some Rust

Jan-Erik Rediger

Half-day workshop - in English

The Rust programming language is a new systems programming language from Mozilla. It is intended to bring safer programming practices to low-level programing languages without giving up the control that is necessary on this level. But it requires a bit of patience to learn it.

If you never programmed in Rust before, this is the workshop for you. In a easy-to-follow tutorial you will learn the basics of Rust and a few of its core concepts. You will learn how Rust can help you to write safe and concurrent programs and how to use the type system efficiently.

This workshop assumes no prior knowledge of Rust, though programming experience in some other language would be helpful.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: A laptop to code on. If possible a working installation of Rust. See https://gist.github.com/badboy/1f261c94ca5dbddcae2f3372aa5913b4 for more. With an internet connection on-site we will manage to install Rust if needed as well.