MLaaS - Machine learning for the rest of us

Anders Breivik

Lightning talk - in English

What is Machine Learning as a Service? Which do I choose? How can I use it in my application?

Machine learning has long been a somewhat academic discipline, its practitioners highly specialized. But with the advent of a new class of commoditized machine learning platforms, MLaaS, Machine Learning as a Service, is now available to all developers.

MLaaS can be treated as a black box, giving developers the opportunity to dive into machine learning head first. Supply your own data, build a model using tools supported by your chosen MLaaS platform and train it using the well tested algorithms offered. When ready to dig deeper into the world of machine learning, most MLaaS platforms enables us to develop our own algorithms even better tailored to our data and models.

This talk will show you the state of the art of MLaaS, what the different vendors offer, and where you best can put it to use in your applications.