Visual prototyping and concept development for project managers and developers

Steinar Dragsnes

Alexander Valland Strømme

Erling Andreas Arnestad

Half-day workshop - in English

Visual prototyping is an efficient and cost effective tool to explore concepts and design directions. As opposed to diving right in coding, exploring ideas with simple prototypes will lead to a better solution. Visual prototyping is also an effective way of communicating thoughts and ideas by eliminating the need to explain things through text and words. 
In concept development, ideas need to be quickly visualised. Ideas that seem solid might not necessarily work when visualised in a prototype. Drawing the solution also aids concept development and often the best ideas materialise when the solution is visualised. 
Historically visual prototyping has been the domain of designers. We believe that by teaching both project managers and developers how to better visually communicate their concepts, we will have a richer exchange of ideas, and ensure the best possible transfer of knowledge within the team. 
In this workshop we will look at how prototyping is used for concept development. We will start with a concrete business story and describe the support systems, data and problems. The participants will then use their newly acquired skills developing solutions addressing the users' real needs. The goal of the workshop is to show how to make better solutions through concept development. Participants will also gain confidence communicating with visual aids. Simple visual communication tools such as sketching with pen and paper, and using Balsamiq for quick and simple prototypes will be used.

Primarily for: Developers, Project managers, Architects, Product developers, Managers

Participant requirements: Laptop with a trial install of balsamiq